Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is what I see as walk down the hall
to the front door
each morning...

And once I'm through the other side,
I turn round,
bury my face in the blooms,
and breathe in !
It's truly divine :)

Of course it's hanging way too low,
but who could possibly take the snippers to this beauty.
You've just gotta duck below it :)

 These are loving it under the magnolia,
what are they?
I'm sure I should know!

I tried a bit of an experiment this year,
and chose not to prune this rose bush,
'cos it just kept on flowering all year
and it seemed such a pity to cut it back.
So I wondered if it would be as good come spring,
and sure enough
it's amazing!
Absolutely covered in buds.

This garden is definitely one of my happy places :)

Around the back in the veggie patch,
I've been looking after the strawberries...

...and I've been sowing carrot, beetroot and bean seed,
put some potatoes in the ground,
been carefully tending my flower seeds that have all popped through the ground already,
and generally just trying to keep one step ahead of the weeds :)

Cut down an ugly old tree last week,
so once it's all been tidied up
I have plans :)
A little bit of woodland in the city :)
Here's the "before plans" pic...

It may take me a few months before I can show
the ''after plans'' picture,
but it will happen :)
In the meantime, looks like there is some wood to stack!
See you.

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Simone de Klerk said...

What a beautiful place to be. And how wonderful to be able to call this home!!