Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finished :)

I've finished the room :)
Well, almost -
still needs a little quilt for the end of the bed,
and another couple of pillows,
but apart from that,
it's done!

I love the change -
so fresh and airy and pretty much how I imagined it might look.

Loving it!!

Specially love the wardrobe..

...made a little key trinket,
with a button from Barb ...

Remember the green bathroom...
not green anymore!!

Let me loose with a paint brush, why don't 'cha!!
And while I was looking for stuff,
under the house,
(you would not believe the stuff that's under there!)
I found this really really icky old chair,
disgusting dark brown varnish,
and a little rickety,
but look at her now!

And out on the front verandah,
my gorgeous old family chair now sits,
where I will no doubt sit in the sun from time to time,
listening to the birds maybe,
enjoying a cuppa,
and thinking about the next thing:)

Getting ready, now,
for lots of visitors -
coming to see the rugby.
Go the All Blacks!!!
See you,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


That quick repaint
turned into a not so quick repaint:)
Took a little longer
but progress is being made...

And 'cos I'd totally overestimated the amount of paint I'd need,
but hey,
show me someone who gets that right,
I decided
I'd change this room too.
(it really was a bit in your face!)

It's not green anymore,
but I have't got a pic yet
'cos I've not put the shelf up and weird as it sounds,
I've got to work it out,
it's not as simple as you would think.

And then, somewhere along the way
I decided
that the beds in the front two rooms
would look much better
if I swapped them around.

This is what the sun room used to look like
until we moved things ...

I thought that we would put the chunky cream wooden bed
in the Sun Room
and move the iron bed
to the Garden Room.
In my infinite wisdom (ahem!!)
I thought it would be easier to do this
if we left the beds intact
rather than pulling them apart.
I thought it would be quicker!
About 2 hours later
and several disagreements
between the child and I
(he wouldn't listen to me,
and I wouldn't listen to him,
so where does that leave you -
when you are two inches short of space -
straight to ever so slightly raised voices
and much rolling of the eyes)
the task was completed!!!!!
Next time -
we take the beds apart.
By the time I come back here
I'll have pics of both the rooms -
finished and dressed:)
Unless of course I find another room to paint!
See you later