Monday, November 7, 2011

The art of sowing seeds.

Think I might have been a little heavy handed
with the seeds :)

And to think I was worried that nothing would grow...

...what does one do with a gazillion and one cosmos and lettuce seedlings??
I will plant them out,
and I will never have to buy another lettuce from the supermarket,
and cosmos will flower in my garden for eternity  :)
I remember thinking
when I was scattering the seed,
how many should I scatter?
Apparently I may have scattered a few too many :)
And then there are the tomato plant seedlings...

... well - how was I to know that every seed would grow?
When deciding on how many to scatter
I reckoned that some wouldn't grow,
so scattered a few more!
Now, planting these babies out will be more difficult
as I do not have a glass house
that is 20 metres long!!
I can't bear the thought of not planting them, though,
so I will ponder this little glitch
 a little longer.
I think I have quite a bit to learn yet
about the art of sowing seeds :)

Garden's looking very pretty,
even though the wind did it's best this week
to batter and bend my flowers.
We even had a light dusting of snow one morning this week!
These gorgeous granny's bonnets self seed all over the place -
I love them.

So pretty :)

See you,

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