Sunday, September 16, 2012

Opening Weekend

Looking at my window as I write this,
I have to say,
it doesn't look very much like
But yesterday it did,
and I had a little wander round the garden...
... the plum tree is absolutely loaded with blossom,
and I'm sure hoping
that this means
lots of plums:)
There are lots and lots of these:)
The tulips are just so incredibly beautiful,
the reddest of red.
I decided I needed some 'srping' cushions
for the front verandah,
just to brighten things up a little.
And I've been doing some work down the side garden,
it needed it :)
More 'ugly' plants disappeared:)
It looks a little barren at the moment,
but just you wait:)
When Spring returns,
I will be out there planting seedlings
it wont be long before it's blooming.
I've just re-opened for the coming season,
and what a way to 'kick off' :)
Test match weekend in Dunedin,
All Blacks -v- South Africa,
and a house full of very happy guests.
"Arrived 14th September - ...our stay here was so wonderful and a pleasure ... saddens us to leave... all in all our experience in Dunedin for the rugby match was the best ever.  Thankyou Dunedin, but for most cheers, Jenny and Jake :)"
James and Karen 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Early Spring Gardening

I have not been here
in sooooo long.
It's been winter,
and not alot happens round the cottage
in winter.
Except a bit of planning in the garden,
and that usually involves
a bit of digging
and moving things.
I decided over winter
that the front garden beds needed a revamp.
This was them at the beginning of winter,
and before I started to dig!

And then I got started...

... and this is what was left,
not much...

there are lots of new plantings,
and in a few weeks,
I will be back,
to show you how it looks
as Spring shows her colours.

There are glimpses of spring already
in other parts of the garden ...

...sweet early jonquils...

... little matchheads...

...wild plum blossom...

...forget-me-not dainties...

...the first flush of spring flowers...

I found these gorgeous chairs recently,
covered in grime,
and in need of a fresh coat of paint,
With some new canvas seats and backs,
they will be just perfect,
I do believe,
for the front porch,
where you might find time to sit and enjoy the morning sun,
or the birdsong in the evening.
Back in a few weeks
to show you
the front gardens in all their spring finery.
See you,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Garden

A day in the garden
is good for the soul :)

   Sunday was mellow,
and it felt so good to be outside,
pottering around in the veggie patch..

(don't mind the lettuce gone to seed in the front,
I'm saving them for a friend,
and her chooks :)
The strawberry patch was on the list of things to do -
snipping off the runners,
and ending up with heaps of new plants,
which will hopefully mean,
heaps more berries next year.

And I don't want to skite,
but I'm pretty impressed with my tomatoes this year.
Countless hours of loving attention,
careful watering and feeding,
and many a conversation with them
have paid off.
They are loaded,
and they are good :)

And the flowers ...

....the palest pink....

...raspberry pink ...

... pretty in pink ...

... and the loveliest little daisies...

Sunday's garden :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Peas

A deliciously sweet bouquet :)
Given to me
as I was admiring a gorgeous cottage garden.
So sweet
in every way.