Sunday, October 30, 2011


This is what I see as walk down the hall
to the front door
each morning...

And once I'm through the other side,
I turn round,
bury my face in the blooms,
and breathe in !
It's truly divine :)

Of course it's hanging way too low,
but who could possibly take the snippers to this beauty.
You've just gotta duck below it :)

 These are loving it under the magnolia,
what are they?
I'm sure I should know!

I tried a bit of an experiment this year,
and chose not to prune this rose bush,
'cos it just kept on flowering all year
and it seemed such a pity to cut it back.
So I wondered if it would be as good come spring,
and sure enough
it's amazing!
Absolutely covered in buds.

This garden is definitely one of my happy places :)

Around the back in the veggie patch,
I've been looking after the strawberries...

...and I've been sowing carrot, beetroot and bean seed,
put some potatoes in the ground,
been carefully tending my flower seeds that have all popped through the ground already,
and generally just trying to keep one step ahead of the weeds :)

Cut down an ugly old tree last week,
so once it's all been tidied up
I have plans :)
A little bit of woodland in the city :)
Here's the "before plans" pic...

It may take me a few months before I can show
the ''after plans'' picture,
but it will happen :)
In the meantime, looks like there is some wood to stack!
See you.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Coming up the path to the front door

is a pretty little trip
at this time of the year.
Everything is so green
and new
and lush.
And plants seem to sprout and grow taller
before your very eyes.

The perfume of the magnolia
and wisteria
is divine.

Here's Charlie,
our super energetic cat!
He has a spot picked out for each part of the day -
mornings are on the front chair ...
then he moves round to the north side of the house...
early afternoon is spent in the garden against the back fence...
late afternoon it's the top of the outdoor table...
and finally just before dinner time,
it's the back porch.
His exercise for the day comprises
the stroll
between sun traps!
Just as well he is cute!
How else could you get away with being soooo lazy!

Unlike Charlie,
I've been a little less lazy :)
This was the state of our glasshouse
after being abandoned over winter...

Not a pretty sight.
It's had a bit of a tidy up,
'cos I'm determined to make it work this year.
I am struggling to grow tomatoes here,
not through any lack of trying though.
The first year was a disaster,
the second year only marginally better.
this year,
I have read,
and googled,
and got all the information.
I have cleaned it from top to toe
and I've painted the fence behind it
('cos somewhere along the way I read it helps
if there is a dark wall behind,
it helps radiate the heat - makes' sense I thought).
I've planted my first four tomatoes,
and I also planted seeds for more.
Who knows what will happen,
but if determination counts for anything,
I'm winning :)

I've decided to have a go at growing quite a few things from seed,
some vegie seeds,
and flower seeds.
Hope they ''happen''

This is one of them that is happening:)
and I am quite excited really.
It's a sweet pea seedling,
liberally surrounded by a dozen or so snail pellets!!
I've not had much success with these either.
Mostly when I plant them,
not a single sprout appears,
so you can imagine my surprise
and delight,
when I spotted several of these coming through the ground
a couple of days ago.
The snails don't stand a chance!!!
I have also had stern words with Charlie
as these are planted in the back garden,
and I do not want to see him park his furry body on top of them
whilst sunning himself!!
I have dreamy notions
of vases of sweet pea
liberally dotted around the house
filling the rooms with their perfume:))
I'll let you know how that dreams pans out!

And what's so interesting about this picture...

... well, not so much really
except that the hedge that's growing behind the wooden fence
used to be another 15 - 20 foot higher
until yesterday.
I feels like someone has turned the light on
in the back garden.
I cannot get over how much light the hedge was blocking.
This is going to help my tomatoes
I'm sure.
I'm also thinking
we will have about another two or three hours
of sun in the afternoon
before it disappears.
Guess Charlie will be happy about that too.
I'm off to check my seeds:)
See you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spring at the Cottage

The prettiest time of the year is here,
spring flowers and lush green leaves.

It always seems to feel like
I've been given a zap of ''spring'',
straight to the veins,
and my favourite little gardening fork and I end up
spending quite a lot of quality time together :) 
These are what I found 
while I was having a wee wander round this morning...

... celebrated an anniversary this month -
it's been two years since we arrived at the cottage
though it seems like only yesterday
that we were lugging the furniture up the stairs!

When we first saw the cottage it was winter time,
so you can imagine my delight when, by the time we moved in,
it was spring time,
and the garden was just starting to bloom
like it is now.
Spring at the cottage -
definitely my favourite time of the year.
You just never, never know
what you will find
 when you have a little wander round the garden,
and 'aint that the beauty of it :)