Sunday, September 16, 2012

Opening Weekend

Looking at my window as I write this,
I have to say,
it doesn't look very much like
But yesterday it did,
and I had a little wander round the garden...
... the plum tree is absolutely loaded with blossom,
and I'm sure hoping
that this means
lots of plums:)
There are lots and lots of these:)
The tulips are just so incredibly beautiful,
the reddest of red.
I decided I needed some 'srping' cushions
for the front verandah,
just to brighten things up a little.
And I've been doing some work down the side garden,
it needed it :)
More 'ugly' plants disappeared:)
It looks a little barren at the moment,
but just you wait:)
When Spring returns,
I will be out there planting seedlings
it wont be long before it's blooming.
I've just re-opened for the coming season,
and what a way to 'kick off' :)
Test match weekend in Dunedin,
All Blacks -v- South Africa,
and a house full of very happy guests.
"Arrived 14th September - ...our stay here was so wonderful and a pleasure ... saddens us to leave... all in all our experience in Dunedin for the rugby match was the best ever.  Thankyou Dunedin, but for most cheers, Jenny and Jake :)"
James and Karen