Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Garden

A day in the garden
is good for the soul :)

   Sunday was mellow,
and it felt so good to be outside,
pottering around in the veggie patch..

(don't mind the lettuce gone to seed in the front,
I'm saving them for a friend,
and her chooks :)
The strawberry patch was on the list of things to do -
snipping off the runners,
and ending up with heaps of new plants,
which will hopefully mean,
heaps more berries next year.

And I don't want to skite,
but I'm pretty impressed with my tomatoes this year.
Countless hours of loving attention,
careful watering and feeding,
and many a conversation with them
have paid off.
They are loaded,
and they are good :)

And the flowers ...

....the palest pink....

...raspberry pink ...

... pretty in pink ...

... and the loveliest little daisies...

Sunday's garden :)


Simone de Klerk said...

I wished I could take a walk with you through the lovely garden. I can smell the beauty of the rose!

Elizabeth said...

Garden is looking great. Wish I could just pop in to visit.